Why Patagonia?

The reverend Michael D. Jones wanted to establish a new Welsh colony. He wanted a place where the Welsh language would be safe from the influence of the English language.

Michael D. Jones established a Colonizing Committee. This committee researched to discover the best place to create a new little Wales beyond Wales. Some Welsh campaigners from the United States of America (USA) advised them that Patagonia would be the best place.

They all knew that the USA was unsuitable. Immigrants to North America tended to forget their native countries and their native identity and were Americanized. America was not the answer!

The committee looked at other countries where it would be possible to establish a colony. What about Australia? Brazil? Palestine? The Colonizing Committee considered all these countries also.

At last, the Welsh were given a wonderful opportunity when the Government of Argentina offered land for farming. This was a remote and isolated country – and no English! Perfect.


Imagine that you are Michael D. Jones. Where would you have established a colony? Think about other countries too. Make a list of positive and negative points about the countries in the table below, and remember to consider the following:

  • distance from Wales
  • English influences
  • the weather – too hot or too cold

Would you like to consider anything else?

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